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The gerund looks exactly the same as a present participle, but it is useful to understand the difference between the two. The gerund always has the same function as a noun although it looks like a verb. Some uses of the gerund are covered on this page. A separate page deals with verbs that are followed by the gerund. Non c'è nessuna differenza formale tra gerundio e il participio presente, ma le due forme verbali vengono usate in modo molto diverso. Il gerundio ha sempre funzione di soggetto od oggetto anche se sembra un verbo. In questa pagina si riportano alcuni usi del gerundio. Una pagina separata è dedicata ai verbi che reggono il gerundio. Gerund after special phrases. to be busy. He is busy read ing the paper. don't mind. I don't mind tell ing them my opinion. feel like. We feel like hav ing a cup of tea. how about. How about walk ing home instead of tak ing the car? it's no good. It's no good talk ing to this girl. it's no use.

In this English grammar lesson, you learn when you can and cannot use a gerund after the preposition "to.". 09/04/2010 · Hi, I would like to ask you to give me some examples of gerund after the verb 'to be'. Somehow I have never had problems with speaking but the more grammar I analyze the less confident I become, and whatever I would have said would have been ok until now that I start to think about grammar when I speak. But there are some verbs that change their meaning depending on whether they are followed by the infinitive or the gerund. Here are the most important: Stop. With the gerund, stop means to give up something: He stopped smoking on the doctor's advice. With the infinitive, it means to take a break in order to do something.

Yes, a gerund can follow a to be verb, if to be functions as a linking verb and the ing word functions as a noun. Otherwise, the ing word is either part of a continuous conjugation auxiliary to bemain verbing or a present participle adject. 05/10/2016 · It’s the verbs that precede come before the object! Some verbs require a gerund and some will require an infinitive. In the above examples, we can see that the formula is “enjoy”[gerund] and “decide”[infinitive]. With practice, you will be able to remember which one is which. Recently I have seen gerund after "to be" for example: I promise to be writing a new novel. I beg someone's help to explain this sentence and its grammar to me.

22/05/2019 · I tried to summarize all possible variants of this case when we put something the gerund or infinitive after the verb TO BE.-----The problem is that it is not clear what should be used after this verb. The phrase USED TO can work with an infinitive or a gerund, but we would get very different meaning! Look at the following rules and examples. Let's start with this one: /Dad is used to making cookies/ vs /Dad used to make cookies for us when we were little/ Can you tell the difference? Click here to find out! Learning to use gerunds and infinitives can feel a bit overwhelming at first. The good news is that our three-part tutorial gives you twenty gerund and infinitive tips to take you from beginner to pro. Here in part 1, we introduce gerunds and infinitives and explain the basics of everyday usage. Gerunds and Infinitives PDF Teaching Materials: Gerunds Infinitives Use / Answers Be Used TOGerund / Answers Gerunds Phrases / Answers Gerunds as Subject / Answers Gerunds Chart Gerunds Classroom Activity Gerunds Classroom 2 More Gerunds / Answers Infinitives Chart Infinitives Review / Answers Infinitives Sentence Completion / Answers.

As the gerund has no tense, it does not in itself indicate the time of the action that it refers to. However, it can show whether this time is the same as or earlier than the time of the verb in the main clause. Simple gerund. The simple gerund can refer to the same time as that of the verb in the main clause: I hate arguing with you. Verbs Followed by Gerunds. f t g p. 9 = verb followed by a gerund OR a nounan infinitive 13 = verb followed by a gerund OR an infinitive with a difference in meaning 14 = verb followed by a gerund OR an infinitive with little difference in meaning. admit: He admitted cheating on the test. 17/10/2013 · They can be hard to master, and new English speakers often wonder why they have to use one in a given situation. In this advanced grammar lesson, I cover the six ways you can use a gerund, including as a subject, object, complement, object of a preposition, and as the object of a possessive. Don't forget to take the quiz when you're done! If like is in the negative, a gerund refers to an action that we do but don't enjoy doing, while a to-infinitive means that we don't do something because we don't think it right to do: I could tell that Sandra didn't like being photographed though she didn't say a word. Sandra was photographed, which she didn't like..

23/03/2015 · In this English lesson on the 'Gerund & Infinitive', we will be looking at the form of the second verb in your sentence: Should it be 'do', 'to do' and 'doin. In English, the form V-ing is called a gerund if it serves as a noun. For example, the gerund form of "run" is "running". I like cats, I like dogs, I like running. However, not all Ving forms are gerunds--in "I am running", "running" is another verb. This blog post explains that there are.

By contrast, the term gerund has been used in the grammatical description of other languages to label verbal nouns used in a wide range of syntactic contexts and with a full range of clause elements. Thus, English grammar uses gerund to mean an -ing form used. Besides being able to spot gerunds, you should be able to tell the difference between a gerund and a present participle. Let’s go back to the definition of a gerund for a moment. Remember that gerunds are words that are formed with verbs but act as nouns. Present participles do not act as nouns.

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